The untamed and beautiful nature of the Cretan landscape and the island’s wealth of natural products are a constant inspiration for the restaurants of Knossos Beach Hotel that highlight the culinary treasures of the island through various gastronomical events. For our special events, award-winning chef Christoforos Peskias, has created imaginative dishes using local products from select local producers including extra virgin Cretan olive oil, therapeutic and aromatic Cretan honey, the uniquely Cretan wild green herb “stamnagathi,” trout, locust beans and chestnuts. There are also wine tasting events featuring exquisite local wines, including ancient Minoan varieties such as Plyto and Thrapsathyri as well as a wide range of other Greek labels.


Haute cuisine is all about top quality ingredients and these are found in abundance in Crete. Keeping it natural and organic is a top priority for our restaurants. For our dishes we use extra virgin olive oil from our own olive groves, honey from our own beehives, herbs from our gardens, and Raki wine from our own in-house distillery. We take special pride in our high-quality Cretan products, which we incorporate into our haute cuisine for your ultimate dining experience.

You can purchase all of our Cretan products at the hotel’s main lobby.


A unique gourmet destination


Wholesome, delicious, unique: Let us take you on a gastronomic journey of homemade products and ingenious recipes that brings together flavors and products from all over the world with the traditional dishes of Crete.


Traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine is renowned for its wholesome qualities and use of natural products, as well as its delicious dishes. It’s a gift that passes from generation to generation, and that we hold precious in Knossos Beach, offering a wide variety of traditional and homemade local products in our Greek breakfast so that you can start your day in the most wholesome way.


For centuries untold, Cretans have relied on a special kind of diet based on the natural products coming from the rich soil of their island. Mostly vegan, based on olive oil, from the beautiful olive groves, a part of Crete’s natural history since the time of the Minoans, fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs with aromatic and healing qualities, with a little bit of fish or game, it has kept them healthy, happy and vigorous and today is considered by Unesco as an “intangible cultural heritage of humanity». Your stay in Knossos Beach is an ideal occasion to discover it and reap its culinary and healthy rewards.


With vineyards that stretch over an area of 500,000 hectares and a climate that guarantees the best conditions for growth and bloom, Crete is a paradise for wine lovers. Let our organized excursions introduce you to renowned Cretan wineries such as Tamiolakis, Miliarakis, Boutaris, Lyrarakis, Strataridakis and others.