Bungalows & Suites

Choose the style of the accommodation that suits you

Looking from afar, Knossos Beach looks like a small Aegean settlement embedded harmoniously into the geographical relief of the area. White bungalows and suites within beautiful gardens that surround the tranquility and privacy of the guests, balconies and terraces with panoramic sea views and the gorgeous sunset of the Cretan Sea, dominate in a luxury hotel that offers four-star quality accommodation in Crete.

The award-winning hotel by the largest international travel sites -Best hotel for water enthusiasts according to trivago- is built to the standards of the traditional Cretan architecture offering magnificent Cycladic ambiance.

It features 20 elegant, comfortable and fully equipped double rooms, 60 graphic and functional bungalows, 12 seafront rooms and 40 luxury suites. It also features tailored suites and bungalows linked with interconnecting door for multi-membered families and big bunch of friends. For special occasions and special requirements Knossos Beach offers luxury villas on the seafront and a presidential suite with heated private pool and garden.