Walking on the footsteps of history, tradition and culture

Crete is the largest island of Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean. One of the first civilizations of Europe, the Minoan, flourished here around 3000 BC-1400BC with Knossos and Phaistos to be the main centers.

The island is ideal for tourism even in winter as it has many natural and historical attractions. Crete is a mountainous island with many high mountains, such as: Psiloritis (2,456 m.), the White Mountains (2,454 m.), and Mount Dikti (2.148 m.). In each of the mountains there are many natural attractions such as the plateaus of Omalos, Nida and Lasithi, caves such as Dikteon and Ideon Andron and gorges such as the Samariá Gorge, Imbros Gorge, Kourtaliotiko Gorge, and the Gorge of the Dead at Kato Zakros in Lasithi. The privileged location of Knossos Beach, in the center of the island and on the northern road axis allows easy access to all the above.