Step by step towards the ultimate indulgence

Gastronomy is the art of enjoying fine food, however, the selection of...
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Pool Bar

It's the perfect place to cool off with a cocktail by the main pool while enjoying sunbathing. You can also...
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Central Bar

Moments of relaxation, enjoyment and chill-out

Knossos Beach has provided to offer its guests refreshing relaxation breaks throughout the...
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“Nissakia” Beach Bar

Swimming in the sea and playing on the beach require a lot of energy. Thanks to ″Nissakia″ Beach Bar, you...
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The ″Amvrosia″ is the main restaurant of Knossos Beach. Here you can enjoy all three meals of the day while...
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Swell Restaurant

Our hotel's gastronomic gem is guided by the well-known and Michelin star awarded chef Hector Botrini, whose inspired creations will...
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Room Service

Know-how, experience and friendly service

Hospitality is a Greek word and Crete is the mother of the god of...
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Greek Breakfast

(Re) discover forgotten nutritional values

In Knossos Beach, we give special emphasis on the traditional values ​​of the Greek...
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