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cultural events in Crete

Cretan Cultural Events

Heraklion hotels are located in a town that has great historical and cultural history. Knossos Beach is a hotel in Heraklion. A hotel group with luxurious suites and bungalows for everyone who wants to enjoy their stay in Heraklion Crete which gives the opportunity to its guests to watch all the important cultural events of the town, that take place from April to October each year.

All year round guests may visit different Exhibitions, Cultural Events, Church festivals, Wine festivals, Cretan culinary festivals and many other cultural events. Every village and region celebrates with festivals throughout the calendar year.

Monthly cultural highlights of Crete


  • Greek Orthodox Easter, it is the highest celebration of the Greek Orthodox church. Every day of the Holy week a different ceremony takes place: Holy Thursday - the dyeing of the Red Eggs and the decoration of the “Epitafios” (Bier of Christ). Good Friday – the Epitach procession in held in every town and village. Holy Saturday – The resurrection of the Christ and the late night “mageiritsa” dinner. Easter Sunday – Full day of celebrations with traditional lamp BBQ and dancing. Easter Monday – The name day of St. George big celebrations and festivals in most of the Cretan villages.

May - June

  • 1st of May, the commemoration of the blossoming Spring. Collection of flowers and making of May wreath to decorate all front doors.
  • Sarchos Village: The festival of the cherry during May.
  • 24th June The festival of Agios Ioannis Klidonas, celebrating the longest daylight of the year with fires and dances till late in the evening at Mochos, Ano Assites and most of the Cretan Villages.


  • July-September : Cultural Summer in Heraklion « Kalokairi 2011». Heraklion is a lively town with a series of cultural events under the name of "Irakio - Kalokairi" (Heraklion - Summer) that take place at the open air theatre "Oasis", surrounded by gardens and beneath the beautiful star-filled summer sky.
  • First two weeks of July the annual Wine Festival with local wine, Cretan diet tastes, Cretan music and dances takes place at the historical village Dafnes with the beautiful ancient churches. In parallel, guests may marvel the work of local artistes: exhibition of traditional tools and wine.
  • Shepherd Cheese Festival at Zoniana. See and taste the biggest cheese of the world, local recipes and live music by Stelios Mpikakis.
  • Yakintia (Aghios Yakinthos is the Cretan St. Valentine) celebrated in Anogia village with daily activities, cultural, sport, concerts, art exhibitions, etr. While at Yakintia, it is worth visiting the Mitata (stone cylinder houses used as shelters) and the Cretan Observatory.
  • 26th July , St. Paraskevi festival of Pendamodi Village.


  • 6th August festival of the “Metamorphosis of Christ”at Archanes and Youchtas village.
  • 15th August, the third most important day of the year celebrating Panagia (Virgin Mary). Great festivals in most of the villages.
  • Last week of August at Houdetsi village, the Musical Workshop Labyrinth with traditional music and instruments.
  • 27th August, festival of St. Fanourios at the Monastery of Varsamonero (Zaros Village at Voriza).


  • Traditional Grape Harvesting “Trigos” followed by the traditional pressing by girls dancing over them still takes place in several villages.
  • 8th September, Birth of the Virgin Mary, festival at the Monastery of Panagia Kera (may be combined with excursion to the village of Krasi and the plateau of Lassithi).


  • “Raki” Distillation. The wonderful Cretan ritual takes place in every village, and guests are all welcome to the locals houses for a glass of raki and “mese”.


  • Third week of November: festival of the opening of the new wine barrels.
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